Dog Days!

Dog Days at Icing on the Lake!

Dog Day’s was our first event at the new location and met with huge success. Over two hundred pups (and their humans) attended the party and wagging tails filled every corner of the West Erie Plaza Courtyard. The dogs ranged from a Yorkie Puppy to Irish Wolfhounds, a seven week old pitty pup to the elder stateswoman at 16 years young, and each and every dog was treated to eager pets and even sloppy kisses.

Although every four legged attendee received a treat (or three – looking at you Omega Dane), we ran out of bottles and bandanas just after noon. Luckily we’ve been resupplied so all those that missed out can come anytime and pick up their puppy gear!

One of the most attractive things about the West Erie Plaza is their vision and commitment to the community and having an inclusive event for all our family members seemed like a great first event. It was encouraging to see all the young people going from pup to pup asking if they could pet or just ask questions, and several people commented on how great it was to just bring the dogs in public and socialize with others.

We’re so happy to join the new West Erie Plaza and a be a small part of all the great things that they have done, and are going to do for the Erie Community!