Our Story


It all started when...

Icing on the Lake started as an idea, and a simple love of baking. Every Sunday since we married in 2000 Heidi baked something new and amazing. During the summer and fall we’d visit local farms to pick fresh fruit and return home for Heidi to weave her magic with spatula and oven to create amazing pies. During winter and spring it was cake and sometimes, when I asked nicely enough, cupcakes.

As time went on and her professional career became more stressful, she joked often that she was going to quit and start her own bakery. After a while the jokes became serious until we sat down and wrote a business plan in 2010. From those very first conversations we wanted to do something very different and special, like the amazing bakeries we visited across the country. The charm of New England, the style and sophistication of New York and Chicago, and the free spirit and wild concepts from the Pacific coast, all combined with the warmth and comfort we love nestled in Erie on the banks of our favorite Great Lake. And with a few taps on the keyboard Icing on the Lake was born.

Our vision was to create not only a quality bakery, but a positive experience for everyone that came through our door. We wanted Icing on the Lake to be a place that people would look forward to visiting and create warm memories long after the baked goods were gone. Just as important our vision is a workplace that everybody enjoyed and looked forward to working. The smiles and laughter on both sides of the counter is more important than the receipts, and we are so blessed and thankful for how the Erie Community has supported us through all our stages. We are so proud of the Erie PA sticker we place on our boxes because without all of you this would all still be a dream.

I’m so fortunate to be able to work every day with my wife and the amazing team we have assembled. This has become another family and we hope you feel this when you walk through our doors, because we appreciate you more than words can say. Thank you for being part of this idea, and helping us turn a simple dream into a thriving reality.



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