Our Team

These bios may or may not be totally accurate or even totally made up...


Heidi Fette

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Heidi was born and raised on the banks of the Great Lake Erie, but she soon felt the draw of the bright Broadway Lights. While standing in line for a Rockette tryout she felt her tummy rumble and found a small bakery around the corner. She missed her call back at Radio City, but found her passion in the sweet temptations displayed throughout the brightly lit Bakery Cases. She toured the country as a background dancer for Justin Timeberlake and, for a short time, Cher. At every city she found a new Bakery and favorite baked good. Heidi tried her hand at professional tennis and even a spell as a tour guide at Alcatraz Island, but she felt the draw of the Lake Erie Shore and eventually she moved back and fell in love with her new dance partner John. With Hubby in hand her idea to bring the best baked goods from all over the world to Erie PA took shape. Icing on the Lake was born, and to this day you can see her crazy dance moves and welcoming smile amidst the baking.

John Fette

Young John was headed to his first day of a Rhodes Scholarship when a swarthy gentleman with a 40 Oz beer introduced him to the sport of Rugby. He spent the next four years of his life travelling from city to city balancing the taste of craft beer and cupcakes and their relation to a cramp free, yet sugar fueled Rugby Game. His experiments complete he continued his studies as a travelling accountant with the band Phish. Creative accounting and a unique approach to "write offs" formed to basis to his work in the Icing on the Lake administrative team. He returned to Erie and quickly fell in love with the enchanting Heidi and together they decided to make the dream of Icing on the Lake a reality. Accounting here is much easier and the "ingredients" are much more conventional.

Carolie Otto

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Carolie is a professional gambler and wine connoisseur, and she lends her talents to the bakery as Head Box Assembler. Carolie also aids Ike in the taste testing department. It is rumored that she runs an illegal poker game out of the Bakery after hours. These rumors remain unconfirmed, however, there does appear to be an unusual amount of empty beer cans and assorted clothing Monday Morning. Are they playing strip poker?

Becky Larson

The unofficial mayor of McKean, Becky joined the Icing on the Lake Team in May 2017 after a long and productive career as a Hollywood stunt woman. She took a punch for Diane Lane, fell down stairs for Diane Keaton and crashed Emma Watson’s car (although that was just a party, not actually during filming). Her highlight was punching three different Game of Thrones villains (again at parties, and not on film). She also spends her time as an accomplished crafter and wine critic. We’ve seen her drink a lot of wine, but come to think of it we have never read any reviews - no worries she says it’s totally legit.

Becky Lynch


Becky was the first pilot on the Grateful Dead's commercial blimp service, shuffling dead heads between shows. The blimp's "higher" than normal altitude and penchant for getting lost forced an early end for the "Floating Magnolia", but Becky and her husband Ryan keep the blimp in their back yard just in case. In addition to her piloting duties, Becky also honed her passion for baking with high altitude brownie batches for the hungry passengers. There was something a little off about those brownies...but they were delicious!  Now she brings her amazing attitude and friendly smile to Icing on the Lake and if you're nice to her she will sing a song or two, and maybe bake a brownie!


Jenelle Bennett


It has been widely rumored that Catwoman has been living in Gotham, but the truth is that all this time she has actually been working at Icing on the Lake. “Jenelle”, as she is called by non-superheroes, has been at the bakery since 2017 followed closely by an unnervingly well-behaved gang of felines. She had a brief stint as a writer in Hollywood and, although uncredited, she wrote “soft kitty, warm kitty” for the Big Bang Theory. Catwo…I mean Jenelle also travelled briefly as a background singer for Pink, but had to retire early (chronic fur balls). You can’t miss her warm smile when you walk into the bakery, but be careful to remove any feathers from your wardrobe before entering!

Rikki May


Rikki grew up in Erie PA but her passion for food and drink took her far and wide searching for new recipes and delicious cocktails. We met her under the bright lights of Las Vegas where she had been working as a Sous Chef at a famous restaurant that rhymes with Bell’s Kitchen owned by a famous chef from England. I can’t say with certainty why it happened or how it started but apparently there was a fist fight. One participant went to the hospital, and the other to jail. I’m not saying which one Rikki was, but after eating one of her desserts we hit the Blackjack tables and earned enough cash for her bail bond! She returned to the North Coast and brought all her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for food to Icing on the Lake. She’s actually not that violent….most of the time.

Tamara Sablan


Tamara was raised in Northern California where she honed her passion for cooking, great coffee, and art. She then hitchhiked across Europe from art museum to art museum, financed from part time work as a stand up comedienne and street performer (tambourine I think). Tamara landed back in Southern California working at the Muppet’s Studio in LA as the puppeteer for the Swedish Chef. Unfulfilled with puppetry and perfect warm sunny days, she and her boyfriend felt the cool draw of the Erie winter wonderland, so they packed their car, buckled in the puppies and drove to Erie. Tamara is an amazing cake artist and her warm California smile is waiting for you every time you walk through our door. Every once in a while, when you listen carefully you can hear the Swedish Chef singing softly in the background.

Lisa Mitchell


Other than she was born in Erie, little is known about the spicy saucier’s past. swirled in lore and mystery we first saw Lisa on a Mardi Gras Parade float dispensing gumbo from a bead laden cauldron. Rumors abound that she spent time as a slightly disgruntled Disney Princess, and for a time a bouncer on the Vegas Strip. We even found an article detailing a fist fight with Anthony Bourdain over the consistency of Bouillabaisse, however the only statement the battered pair would utter was something about “what happens in fight club…”. What we do know for sure is that Lisa is one of the most positive people we know, works her tail off, and can make a crazy good seafood bisque! (Please do not comment about the consistency - it is perfect).

Emily Lander


We first encountered Emily on the Las Vegas strip. Out of breath and holding a large iron trophy, she asked us to help her hide. Apparently the recent culinary graduate was late for her shift at Spago as she was competing, and victorious, in a local power lifting meet. This in turn led to an altercation with the infuriated head chef. I can’t tell for sure what transpired during their “meeting” but I haven’t heard anything about that Wolfgang guy in a while. After ducking through the forum shops at Caesar’s and a weird side trip through the Venetian Canal System we were able to fly her back to Erie where she now works as a baker at Icing on the Lake. Her specialties are macrons, kittens, and lifting really heavy things.

Ike, Edith and Louie

Soon after we moved in, cupcakes started disappearing. Everybody blamed John, but soon it was rumored that a voracious cupcake monster had taken up residence in the attic. It turns out Icing on the Lake's Cupcake Monster, Ike, is actually quite friendly and likes to chill out and watch cupcakes in all phases of development. He is also the official taste tester! In February 2015 he introduced us to his girlfriend, Edith MoreCupcakes. You can find the adorable couple watching cupcakes being made from their perch atop the main display shelf!

The couple adopted Louie from the ANNA Shelter in March of 2016 to help with taste testing dog treats. It turns out that Louie is also quite skilled at administration and helps Heidi and John with planning events (Dog Days) and was instrumental in testing the fake grass used in the window display. He’s pretty cute too.

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